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Taste of Hardanger. Homemade fruit pies

During your stay at Stana Gard, you can of course also enjoy "The taste of Hardanger."

Delicious fruit pies with rhubarb, raspberries, apples or plums are made of Bjørg Astri Seljestad. Her company is called Matkjedlaren Hardanger. She makes traditional baked goods in her own bakery on the farm Kvestad at the other side of the fjord.

The roots of her is here at Stana, and rhubarb she has picked with us! Rhubarb grows outside the cookhouse, where hers grandfather  planted them many years ago.

The other berries and fruit in pies are of course also locally. It only makes sense, since we all keep to the middle of the orchard of Norway No. 1: Hardanger.


  • The homemade cobbler book easily while booking your stay at Stana Gard. Coming as an additional choice at the end of the booking process.
  • They are ready in the freezer when you got to the house you have booked.



  • Pies are particularly good when they are heated in the furnace and is joined by some ice cream or custard.
  • Best enjoyed on the patios with panoramic views to the glacier, waterfall and fjord as an additional dot above in-one!


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  2. Matkjedlaren Hardanger