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Trolltunga. Only 10 km to accomodation at Stana Gard

Stana Gard is a perfect starting point for tours to Trolltunga. Only ten kilometers to Skjeggedal where the hike to Trolltunga starts. Trolltunga is a fantastic viewpoint, and the trip into an experience in itself.

In spring and fall you must have a guide. That's because Trolltunga located high in the mountains, and there is snow and short days. Trolltunga Activ AS offers walks on snowshoes. This is a great way to experience Trolltunga on, who want to go outside peak season.

Tip: Combine snowshoeing to Trolltunga with blooming spring on Stana Gard in April and May!  You will experience both winter and spring, mountains and fjords in a few days!  Read more here.


You can bring a lot of friends to Stana Gard

Stana Gard offer 14 berths.

Each of the two houses has 4 bedrooms and is fully equipped for self catering. After active days, it is good to find quiet at the dock or one of the two paved patios at houses. Certainly with a taste of Hardanger in the form of  fruit pie, or with delicious barbecue.

Here is free Wi-Fi and free parking near the houses.

Stana Gard is great for groups of friendsbusiness trips and families. You will be able to have a community here, which is hard to get in a hotel.

The houses is also good for those who want a romantic setting for your holiday with his girlfriend.

And for those who just want to relax and enjoy the nature, away from the daily grind and chaos.

Read more about vacation houses here.


From the houses and the seating outside you have a panoramic view to the Folgefonna glacier, fjord and waterfalls.

You can, try rowing and fishing on Stana Gard

Stana Gard:  Much more than just accommodation.

You can rent a rowing boat and a fishing rod.

In spring you can experience the beautiful flowering here. And the toughest can swim in the fjord.

And you can enjoy homemade fruit pies.

A quick walk you can take in the spectacular footpath and cycle track to Tyssedal.

There are also many other great hiking and exciting outdoor activities in beautiful nature: In the mountains, on glaciers and in the beautiful fjord landscape. Read more here.







Welcome to Stana Gard

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Stana Gard is located in the beautiful fjord landscape by the National Touristroute Hardanger

It is easy to get to Stana Gard. You can choose between:

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