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Flowers on Stana Gard

Stana Gard is an old fruit farm in Hardanger. Still, you can experience the blooming of spring here.

And it's not just fruit blooming you can enjoy. Lush Hardanger offers so much more:

Carpet of blooming "bluebells" you can enjoy on Stana Gard in April. Sit on the patio by the farmhouse and just enjoy this view.

Meadowfoam is essentially a weed, but it must still be enjoyed. May will normally be right time for it.

May 17th is the National Day. Then the dandelion is usually at its most beautiful.

In 2016, there was sown field of flowers on Stana Gard. The red poppies, blue cornflowers and white priest requirements meet you in the summer when you drive down the new road to the houses. Hope you like the flowers. It IS allowed to pick someone to put on the table!


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