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You can experience fruittrees blossom around May and June

Stana Gard is located at National Tourist Route Hardanger stretch Låtefoss - Kinsarvik. That means you will have great experiences on the drive here, in dramatic and beautiful scenery. For example, you will experience Låtefossen waterfall and see beautiful glacier Buerbreen if you come from the south.

If you are driving from the north, you will experience the traditional orchards and lovely flowering around May and June. Coming in the fall, you can buy with you apples and other fruits from one of the many fruit stalls along the road.

By staying at Stana Gard, you will not just drive through beautiful scenery, but experience it up-close! You live literally in the middle of the beautiful fjord landscape. More national romantic it can not be!


You can take bus to Stana Gard, or drive on your own.

Stana is only 3 km from Tyssedal and 10 km from Skjeggedal, the starting point for Trolltunga hike.         Trolltung-Pulpit express stops in Tyssedal in july and august. If you are following this, I can drive you the 3 minutes it takes between Stana Gard and Tyssedal. You can buy food by the bus station at grocery store Nærbutikken Tyssedal. (You need to bring your own food, since there are no grocery store at Stana).

It is 10 km to Odda, the nearest City to Stana Gard.             In Odda buses are coming from Oslo, Bergen, Rosendal and Stavanger. It takes only 10 minutes to drive from Odda to Stana Gard. Taxi station is very close to the bus station. So are grocery store and restaurants. (Grocery store are closed at Sundays).
Bus from Voss stops at Stana on its way to Odda. So you can easily take train from Bergen or Oslo to Voss, and then bus to Stana Gard. This make it easy for you to combine  "Norway in a nutshell"  or "Hardanger in a nutshell &  Rosendal" with a stay by Hardangerfjorden and hiking Trolltunga or Tysso via ferrata in Tyssedal.
From Bergen my best tip is to take cruise on Hardangerfjord to Rosendal, and then bus to Odda and Stana Gard. Nice to combine with a visit on the Barony in Rosendal, the smallest "castle" in Scandinvian . Read more here.

The easiest way to get to the Stana Gard, is to drive your own car. Then you are independent of time, and are free to stop at places of interest along the way.

Stana Gard is located in the beautiful fjord landscape by the National Touristroute Hardanger

It is easy to get to Stana Gard. You can choose between:

Follow the links above, and also see more details below.



Stana Gard lays by the fjord 500 m north of this building

You can recognize Stana when you see  Lars Stana’s woodworking shop!                                           

You can take the bus to the bus stop you see at this picture, called Stana (Odda), or you can take it about 300 meters north of this builidng, to the bus stop called Ori (Odda) in the route 990 with bus company Skyss.


See travel-planner bus company Skyss here.



New road down to Stana Gard from RV 13

The road down to  Stana Gard is abote 500 meters north of the building you see above.

This is how it looks from the road. You will see the name Stana Gard painted at the green house.

There are free parking by the green house.





From Oslo

By car Option 1:
E134 across Haukelifjell, past Røldal. RV13 past Låtefoss to Odda and further out on the east side of the fjord. Drive two minutes past Tyssedal (through two tunnnels), and you arrive in Stana.

By car Option 2:
RV7 across Hardangervidda mountain platau. Past Geilo and Eidfjord. After passing the Hardanger bridge (do not drive across!) choose RV13 towards Odda. Drive past Kinsarvik and Lofthus, and further. Stana farm is off the road down by the fjord just after a short tunnel (Skarvabjørgtunnellen). RV13 past Stana is a part of  National tourist route Hardanger . Here you can experience many nature attractions complete with waterfalls, glaciers, Hardangervidda mountain platau, Hardanger fjord and the Hardanger bridge.

By bus:
Oslo-Odda with bus nr 180 Haukeliekspressen.
Odda-Stana with bus nr 990 Skyss. Takes about 10 minutes.


From Voss

By car:
RV 13 across the Hardanger bridge. RV13 to Stana.

By bus:
Voss-Stana with bus nr 990 Skyss. Takes about two hours.


From Bergen

By car Option 1:
E16 Bergen-Voss. RV13 Voss-Odda.

By car Option 2:
E16 Bergen-Trengereid. FV7 Trengeried-Norheimsund. FV49 Norheimsund-Tørvikbygd. Take the ferry from Tørvikbygd to Jondal with Tide. FV107 Jondal-Mauranger, and then drive through the tunnel Folgefonntunnellen to Odda.

By boat:
Bergen-Rosendal with Hardangerfjordekspressen. The boat can also be boarded at Bergen Airport Flesland.
Rosendal-Odda with bus nr 760 Skyss. This bus always corresponds exactly with the boat.
Odda-Stana with bus nr 990 Skyss. Takes about 10 minutes.

By bus Option 1:
Bergen-Odda with bus nr 930 Skyss. Takes just under three hours.
Odda-Stana med buss nr 990 Skyss. Takes about 10 minutes.

By bus Option 2:
Bergen-Odda with bus nr 761 Skyss. Takes just under four hours.
Odda-Stana with bus nr 990 Skyss. Takes about 10 minutes.


From Odda

By bus:
Odda-Stana with bus nr 990 Skyss. Takes about 10 minutes.

By taxi:

Odda-Stana with Odda Taxi (+47 53 64 14 44). The taxi stand is down by the dock, just close to the bus station.


The Bus company Skyss takes you to many places in the area:

Phone: +47 55 55 90 70

• Nr 760: Odda-Årsnes-Husnes-Utåker 

• Nr 761: Kvinnherad-Bergen-Odda

• Nr 930: Odda – Norheimsund – Bergen

• Nr 925: Hardangerlinja Bergen– Voss

• Nr 990: Voss-Granvin-Kinsarvik-Odda 

• Nr 995 Odda-Tyssedal 

Stana Gard